Four Tips To Get Your Wheaton IL Real Estate Offer Accepted Realtor Joseph Graventi

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Ok, you’ve found your perfect neighborhood, your dream Wheaton Il house, you’re Wheaton Il real estate agent is working hard for you, now it’s time to make an offer.  There’s only one catch.  The neighborhood that you’ve chosen is a highly competitive Wheaton Il market.  Here are some tips to write an offer that may give you an edge out over other home buyers.

Consider an all cash offer

Obviously, this tip won’t be for everyone, but if you’re financially fit enough to make an all cash offer, this could be more appealing to the Wheaton Il home seller than a financed offer since there is no chance that the deal can fall through.

Lower your loan amount

If you’re not in a position to buy the house with cash, you could ease the seller’s mind by putting down a larger down payment and reducing the loan amount.  The more money you put down, the less worried the seller might be that the loan can fall through.

You may also consider offering a larger earnest money deposit.  A larger earnest money deposit shows the seller that you’re serious about the Wheaton Il real estate purchase and that you’re confident in the sale going through.

Don’t lowball the Wheaton Il real estate seller

Submitting an offer to a seller that is too far below the asking price might seem like a great strategy for negotiations, but it will more than likely end up getting rejected.  Offering too far below the asking can come across as an insult which will  result in the seller instantly rejecting the offer.  It could also come across as not being serious.  More often than not, a seller will not consider an offer that is too far below the asking price.  Work with your Wheaton Il real estate agent and do your research so that you can offer a fair price the Wheaton Il home if you want the seller to entertain a below list price offer.

Be proactive

If you like the way a Wheaton Il property looks online, contact your Wheaton Il real estate agent right away to schedule a showing.  Do not delay, being proactive is one of the best ways to let the Wheaton Il real estate seller know that you’re serious about buying their home.

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